Our R8 coil conversion kits are the most favored amongst high performance builds with a budget in mind. We offer no-fuss plug and play kit to suit 180SX/S13/S14 SR20DET, photos on the slideshow above are exactly what you will be getting and installation manual (including ignition dwell time adjustment) is available on the tab above at your disposal. No BS, just pure performance and quality.

These coils are proven to support high boost application. We ran these coils to 36 psi (on Garrett GTX35R) and straight-off-the-box NGK BKR7E spark plugs (~0.95mm gap) with no ignition break down in-sight. Next time you choose an ignition coil upgrade kit, ignore the marketing ’horsepower rating’ as often advertised. Ask the seller whether their coils are genuine and what power/boost their kit has achieved at what plug gap!

Our kit has been used and recommended by road-going performance vehicles, circuit racers and drifters.


!   Does not fit OEM coil valley cover as the coils sits higher than OEM.

!   Engine swaps are common - it is your responsibility to check your existing ignition wiring loom connectors and cross reference with the photos above!

!  Check up tune on your vehicle is highly recommended after installation.

!   Known un-supported ECUs:  Megasquirt, Microtech and Adaptronic.

Known supported ECUs:  OEM Nissan, Haltech, Link, Motec, PowerFC, Nistune, Emtron and MaxxECU.

!  We may combine two ignition coils into one box to save on international shipping (reduced volumetric weight)


New revision 2, CNC machined Billet aluminium 6061 mounting system sealing the spark plug tube from water/dirt/debris.

100% Plug and Play. No wiring work required, simply install the supplied harness and mounting kit in.

Supplied igniter delete patch harness makes igniter bypass a breeze (180SX S13 S14 SR20DET applications).

High temperature and chemical resistant Teflon F.E.P wiring as standard.

Heavy gauge 2mm² wire for power and 1.5mm² wire for signals as standard.

P.E.T wiring loom braided sleeve and connector boots as standard.

Dual wall heat shrinking.

Professionally crimped terminals.

We only use, trust and supply the proven genuine Denso or NGK Audi R8 ignition coils with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. NOT compatible with Bosch R8 coils due to different coil design.


Coil packs can be removed individually from the mounting plate when installed.

Correct indexing of the coil placement.

Provides lateral support on the upper body of the coil pack (removes dynamic bending stresses on the fragile spark plug in comparison of when no mounting plate is used).

Kit is proudly designed and made in Australia.


Note: Valve cover nut between cyl 2 and 3 is often replaced with a dome nut. In order for the mounting adapter to sit correctly, replace the dome nut to a regular M6 hex nut as shown;


Shipping is available worldwide, trackable and insured.

Please note that we do not sell and recommend the use of counterfeit coil packs. Counterfeit products harm the automotive industry and are a hazard to your engine/safety. Be cautious when a seller uses words like “-style” or “-equivalent” to pass on cheap counterfeit products that will not perform.

We do not incorporate a wire loop in our harnesses for use with an inductive timing light as our experience proves it to be an unreliable source. To set ignition base timing, we recommend the use of coil on plug extension lead (such as DAT-Equipment TE010 or the like) to latch your inductive clamp onto for a much more reliable reading.


Our SR20 Coil Kit Range:

S15 R8 Coil Kit: https://www.50ignite.com/nissan-silvia-s15


SR20 Cam Trigger for ULTIMATE Ignition Accuracy: https://www.50ignite.com/nissan-sr20-rwd-cam-trigger-neo-kit



180sx S13 S14 Coil Kit | R8 Coil Kit | SR20DET Coil Kit | SR20 Coil Kit | SR20 Coil Upgrade


**International orders of quantity more than two; contact us for better shipping rate**

The 'kit' includes;

  • 1x Pre-made plug and play ignition coil harness for SR20DET (S13 and S14)
  • 1x Igniter delete patch harness
  • 1x Mounting System
  • All hardware (fasteners) for the kit installation
  • 4x Denso Audi R8 ignition coils (if so, purchased as selectable option)

Please refer to the installation manual section for installation guide and the technical section for further information.

Please allow 5 working days to process your order.

[PVC insulated wires require thicker insulating material for the same specification as Teflon insulated wire. Do not be fooled assuming a larger outside diameter wire means having a bigger wire cross section area.]

You will need to set up ~2.8ms ignition dwell time at 14V to maximise the coil’s performance and use resistive type spark plugs (i.e. NGK BCPR series).

  • Known supported ECUs: Stock Nissan, Haltech, Link, Motec, PowerFC, Nistune and MaxxECU.
  • Unsupported ECUs: Megasquirt, Microtech, Adaptronic


Check out range of other ignition kits: R32 RB20/RB26 | RB25 S1 | RB25 S2 | R33 RB26 | R34 RB26 | S15 SR20

And see how we compare against Yaris, LS (D585/LQ9) and R35 GTR coils (no comparison against Splitfire as they are OEM replacement).

Brand 5-0 Ignite

Good quality

By: on 22 July 2019
Very happy with how easy they were to install definitely fixed my miss, noticible power gain from sad stock coils that just gave up

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