Terms and Conditions

By visiting 5-0 Ignite’s website and engaging in business with us, you (the customer) will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the;


5-0 Ignite may refuse or cancel your order and terminate any further communication with you if we believe that our intellectual property and/or reputation may be at risk. Any monies paid, under such circumstances, will be refunded.

Under any circumstances that we, 5-0 ignite, deem the transaction to appear as fraudulent, 5-0 Ignite reserves the right to hold the order and request identity verification from the purchaser.



All wiring harnesses are made to order. Please allow 5 working days for order processing and manufacturing prior to dispatch. In the event of unforeseen delays, 5-0 Ignite will notify you by e-mail of the recent status and estimated dispatch date. 5-0 Ignite also provides any service disruption updates of our products on our website main page or on our facebook page.

For secure transactions, payment must be made through PayPal, AfterPay or ZipPay in which you will be subjected to their terms and conditions. 5-0 Ignite cannot be held resposible for any problems arising to faults or errors you may encounter when you are submitting payment using third party platform. 5-0 Ignite will only proceed with order processing once payment has cleared on our system.


International orders - are not applicable to pay GST. Select your country in the shipping estimate box and GST will automatically be removed.

All orders are to be made in Australian Dollars.

Prices listed on 5-0 Ignite website/social media are subject to change at any time. Prices displayed in social media are WITHOUT GST.



5-0 Ignite performs a 2-step cross-checking process of our components against our blueprints, drawings and specifications. Our harnesses are bench tested and tagged to ensure operation and product traceability.

Items manufactured by 5-0 Ignite comes with 12-month worksmanship warranty only. Due to the nature of the products, its performance-oriented use, non-standard equipment application and other factors outside our control in which how the products are setup and tuned; 5-0 Ignite hereby expressly disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied once item(s) has been installed including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Upon receival and inspection of the products you've received; returns for replacement or refund (excluding shipping cost) shall only be made if the supplied goods are found to be defective (outside its advertsed state and appearance) or sent in error. Please refer to our Freight and Return Policy section for further details.

Any modification/alteration to any of the items you received from us will void any warranty or return policy immediately.

Other manufacturer's components and products sold by 5-0 Ignite may offer limited warranties, in which, 5-0 Ignite may assist in forwarding your claim but shall not be responsible for their requirements, procedures, outcomes and settlement.


Promotions and Discounted Sales

5-0 Ignite reserves all rights to all promotions and discounted sales, as advertised on our website or in social media, where 5-0 Ignite or its related entity is the promoter. Promotions and discounted sales are valid within the specific dates stated within the advertisement and may be advertised with or without your prior knowledge. 5-0 Ignite has the right to change, withdraw and terminate such promotions and discounted sales at any time.


Liability Disclaimer

Products provided by 5-0 Ignite may not comply with the legal requirements for public road vehicles in your country/state/territory. Therefore, all products are intended for racing or off-road use exclusively. 5-0 Ignite, along with its officers, directors, and employees, shall not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages to property, vehicles, vehicle components or equipment, loss of property, vehicles, vehicle components or equipment, loss of profit or revenue, injury, or death, whether directly or indirectly related to the use and/or installation of any products supplied by 5-0 Ignite. 5-0 Ignite shall not be held liable for any labour costs and other associated costs to fit or remove of any the products supplied with or without relation to warranty.

5-0 Ignite will only respond to queries with its direct customers that have purchased the products in regard to all matters unless otherwise agreed, such as involving 3rd party queries in such situations where technical assistance is required. All ECU-related settings must be addressed to your tuner or ECU manufacturer representative/ technical support.

Any instructions, tutorials, comparisons and calculations in our website/social media page are as-is and may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, these information shall only to be used as a mere guide where 5-0 Ignite cannot be held liable for its accuracy under any circumstances.



You hereby indemnify 5-0 Ignite and its related entities to the fullest extent against all liabilities, demands, damages, cause of action, cost and expenses in any related way.